About Us

The Chinese Language Center(CLC) of National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) is a government-recognized center for Chinese learning.

The Center teaches standard and classical Chinese to non-Chinese speaking people from beginner to advanced levels. It is dedicated to equipping students with comprehensive Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. When learning the language, students will also learn about the culture and life of the Chinese-speaking people.

Students will be able to use their Chinese skills to obtain professional knowledge, become more competent in a career, and understand the essence of local culture. Whatever your motivation or initial level is, the CLC will ensure that you make rapid progress.

Tailored programs can also be made available to meet the needs of diversified groups or individuals.

How to Join the Class?

Go to the class
Select an ideal class and time
Complete the payment
Receive the acceptance letter
Complete the placement test
Please browse the course list, select a program and class timeslot.
You can make payment after login. You can easily make the payment online with a credit card.
The CLC will email you the acceptance letter and placement test when receiving the payment.
The CLC will evaluate the students' overall proficiency for the arrangement of a suitable class.
Students will receive the classroom link and start the class.