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Special Course Offering   |  Chinese Reading & Writing

  • Class Description
  • 1. Practical and multiple contents.
    2. Small size of class. Each class are 4-10 students.
    3. Focus on Reading & Writing skills.
    4. Requirement: Students who reach TOCFL B1 / HSK 5 or CLC students who have finished the study of Conversation Level 5.
    5. Meet friends all over the world in your home. Class will be relaxing and interesting.
    6. Suitable classes will be suggested and arranged.
  • Textbooks
  • Different from other language centers, the CLC compiled its own teaching materials and focused on reading and writing skills.
  • Learning Software
  • Cisco Webex
  • Term Length
  • Mar 9th, 2023~May 31st, 2023.
  • Class Level and Textbooks
  • To be confirmed.


  • 2023 Term Time
    Spring: Mar. 9 ~ May. 31
    Su mmer: Jun. 8 ~ Aug. 25
    Fall: Sep. 4 ~ Nov. 22
    Winter: Nov. 30 ~ Feb. 27

How to Join the Class?

Go to the class
Select an ideal class and time
Complete the payment
Receive the acceptance letter
Complete the placement test
Please browse the course list, select a program and class timeslot.
You can make payment after login. You can easily make the payment online with a credit card.
The CLC will email you the acceptance letter and placement test when receiving the payment.
The CLC will evaluate the students' overall proficiency for the arrangement of a suitable class.
Students will receive the classroom link and start the class.