Course Intro

Free Course   |  Intermediate Mandarin Conversation 02

  • Applicable Candidates | 適用對象
  • 1.TOCFLB1-B2學習者。
    Learners with TOCFL level B1~B2.
    Learners with TBCL level above 4.
  • Curriculum Objective | 課程目標
  • 讓學習者能連貫地描述使用經驗、人的外表及性格、經歷、感受。
    Enriching the ability in consistently describing the experience of make use of things, the appearance, personality, past experience, and feelings of people.
  • Course Content | 課程內容
  • 跨文化與描述人物外表及個性用語。
    Intercultural and description of people’s exterior appearance and personality.
    Dialogue:Describing people’s exterior appearance and personality by means of dialogue, and convey the intercultural awareness.
    Conversation 1: The definition of good-looking in terms of exterior appearance by general public.
    Conversation 2: Describing the power of a person’s attraction.
    Conversation 3: The gender ideology in modern day Chinese descent culture environment.
    Short Essay: Gender stress borne by male and female in the past, and the change of values for partner in modern day society.
  • Video Clip Length | 影片長度
  • 120 minutes
  • Learning Method | 學習方式
  • 1.請先觀看影片指引再開始進入課程。
    1.Watching the movie instruction before getting into the course.
    2.The movie content includes text, vocabulary, syntax, and Q & A exercise. Watching and learning each one according to the giving order as suggested.
    3.Watching each video clip for at least 3 times is strongly recommended.
    4.Exercising clips for text, vocabulary, and syntax are provided. After the content explanation of each clip, Q & A exercise is provided as well. Do the exercise definitely.
    5.Read the e-book and listen to the audio recording. Repeating the content on your own accord and be familiar with the text.
    6.Completing the learning assignment for vocabulary and syntax, and check the learning result by task checkup list.