Course Intro

Free Course   |  Intermediate Mandarin Conversation 04

  • Applicable Candidates | 適用對象
  • 1.TOCFLB1-B2學習者。
    Learners with TOCFL level B1~B2.
    Learners with TBCL level above 4.
  • Curriculum Objective | 課程目標
  • 讓學習者清楚、仔細地描述感興趣的話題、經驗或事件,並提出個人見解、進行討論或評價。
    Enhancing the ability with distinct and meticulous manner in describing interesting subject, personal experience or occurrence, and being able to present opinion for discussion or appraisal.
  • Course Content | 課程內容
  • 對話:
    主線為科技產品使用經驗與評價,分成三段小對話:對話一說明使用需求,上網尋求網民推薦合適的商品並提供使用評價(PTT網路發問形式);對話二 與友人討論並比較產品功能後,再決定購入之商品;對話三 連結線上購物之正、負面經驗,最終決定取得該商品之管道。
    The main topics are the experience and evaluation of science and technology products which will be divided into 3 conversations:
    Conversation 1 explains the requirement for making use of a product, how to get online in seeking web users’ recommendation for appropriate product and provides with users’ appraisal (by internet discussion);
    Conversation 2 involves the discussion with friend and after comparing the function of the product, making decision to purchase the product.
    Conversation 3 combines the pros and cons of online purchasing experience, and making final decision as to which channel in getting the product is the best.
    Short Essay:
    Simulating the form of science and technology magzine in introducing new knowledge. Be divided into 3 passages:
    Passage 1 leads into the basic information of the product.
    Passage 2 introduces the function and the effect.
    Passage 3 gives the appraisal and supplementary remarks.
  • Video Clip Length | 影片長度
  • 120 minutes
  • Learning Method | 學習方式
  • 1.請先觀看影片指引再開始進入課程。
    1.Watching the movie instruction before getting into the course.
    2.The movie content includes text, vocabulary, syntax, and Q & A exercise. Watching and learning each one according to the giving order as suggested.
    3.Watching each video clip for at least 3 times is strongly recommended.
    4.Exercising clips for text, vocabulary, and syntax are provided. After the content explanation of each clip, Q & A exercise is provided as well. Do the exercise definitely.
    5.Read the e-book and listen to the audio recording. Repeating the content on your own accord and be familiar with the text.
    6.Completing the learning assignment for vocabulary and syntax, and check the learning result by task checkup list.