Course Intro

Free Course   |  Elementary Mandarin Conversation 01

  • Applicable Candidates | 適用對象
  • 1.準備級到入門級。
    Preparatory to entry-level (TOCFL Reading Band Novice or HSK 2).
    Non-Native Chinese-speaking region with 60-240 hours learning in basic gramma and can mastering approximately 300 high-frequency vocabularies.
  • Curriculum Objective | 課程目標
  • 藉由影片訓練口語表達及認讀能力
    By means of video clips to learn oral expression and reading ability.
  • Course Content | 課程內容
  • 1.主題:要不要一塊兒去逛夜市
    Subject: Do you want to go to the night market together?
    Way of expressing time, asking for information and invention.
    Describing the experience of past events.
  • Video Clip Length | 影片長度
  • 90 minutes in all.
  • Learning Method | 學習方式
  • 1. 請先觀看影片指引再開始進入課程。
    2. 影片內容包括課文、生詞、語法及練習,建議依據影片排列順序依序觀看學習。
    3. 每支影片建議觀看3次以上,以熟練課程內容。
    4. 課文、生詞及語法皆有練習影片,觀看學習影片後,利用練習影片自我檢視學習成果。
    1. Prior to the start of the course, please watch the video clip direction.
    2. The content of the video clip includes Text, Vocabulary, Gramma, and Exercise. Please watch them according to the order of the sequence.
    3. Watch each video clip for 3+ times in order to familiarize the course content.
    4. There are Exercising video clips for each of the Text, Vocabulary, and Gramma contents. After viewing the video clip, please make use of the Exercising video clips to check the learning results.