Free Virtual Consultation

  • 2021-07-13
  • New service in the CLC, 1-1 Virtual Consultation!
    Date of Appointment: Every Tuesday & Thursday (Taiwan time)
    Time of Appointment: 12:15-12:30/12:30-12:45/12:45-13:00/13:00-13:15
    1. Please submit the application form 48 hours before “Date of Appointment.”
    2. Only one time period could be chosen in this application form.
    3. Consultation is limited once a week and three times a term.
    4. Those who did not attend the appointment time and did not notify the CLC will not be accepted for the application in the current term.
    5. CLC will not accept the application for those who cancel the appointment twice in the current term.

    Download: Application form
    Please email the application form to Ms. Jasmine: